Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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Once Beloved

by Amara Royce

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

ONCE BELOVED available now!

Yes, it's true! Once Beloved, my third Victorian romance, was released on November 10th so I'm only five days late in announcing it here! Ha! 

Here's the cover copy:
In bustling Victorian London, a desperate woman turns to the last man who would ever want to come to her aid... Years ago, when Helena Martin escaped to London with a dashing captain, she had no idea she was endangering her entire village. Little did she know, the arranged match she fled was the little town's last chance at prosperity. Now, with her beloved grandmother's health failing, Helena must face the damage she wrought. And she must do it with an unlikely escort: her jilted fiance’s brother. Daniel Lanfield is undoubtedly attracted to Helena—and furious with her. Though it was unintentional, her thoughtlessness has caused great misery to their village. Yet Daniel is uniquely positioned to help her return home, and strangely compelled to keep her close along the way. For no matter what their pasts, the desire between them now is ever-present...
But...what is it about, you ask? Well, it's a story about making mistakes and finding redemption. It's a story about dealing with devastating loss. It's about getting--and taking--second chances. And it's about sheep. Yes, sheep. Okay, only a little bit about sheep.

And you can find Once Beloved in ebook and in print at major e-booksellers: 

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