Saturday, April 5, 2014

A word or two on book reviews

Given recent online controversies about "anonymous" reviews...and given the fact that reviews have begun showing up for ALWAYS A STRANGER, I just want to make clear my perspective on reviews: 

I appreciate each and every review, whether it's positive or negative or anywhere in between. 

I appreciate everyone who takes the time to try my books. No matter what your response to my books ends up being, I appreciate that you gave them a chance. I don't expect everyone will love my work; fiction is far too subjective for that. Do I want people to be enthralled by my books? Well, of course. Do I want people to say to others, "You've GOT to read this!" Absolutely.

But I fully understand that this is a dream scenario, and I know that you, dear readers and reviewers, don't owe me anything. So thank you in advance if you read ALWAYS A STRANGER. With all the millions of books out there you could choose, thanks for giving your time and attention to mine. 


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