Tuesday, February 4, 2014

One step closer...ALWAYS A STRANGER

Well, it's been quite a while. I see I need to do a little dusting around this place, brush the cobwebs out of the corners and maybe polish the silver. I've never been much of a housekeeper, but I haven't abandoned this site, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

So...things have been busy. Holidays, a new semester, a series of disruptive snow storms. Oh, and page proofs! I just finished proofreading page proofs of ALWAYS A STRANGER! The ebook from eKensington will be released on May 15th! That's right--May 15th! Paradoxically, that seems sooooooo soon and yet so far away.

To celebrate getting the page proofs done, here's a glimpse of ALWAYS A STRANGER. Enjoy!

A chime sounded, soft but distinct, cutting through the incessant murmur of visitors in the Chinese alcove. When he followed everyone else's gaze toward the sound, all the air seemed to be sucked out of the room. In the expanse between two display platforms, vacant only moments before, stood an exotic creature of stunning beauty. Wrapped in a flowing crimson robe embroidered with lotus flowers and cinched at the waist with a wide belt, the lady stood motionless with her palms flat together over her heart. The dramatic color of her clothing echoed on her lips. Even from a distance, those ruby lips appeared full and soft. Her dark hair, twisted into smooth rolls and held in place with two sticks, contrasted sharply with her powdered skin. The brightness drew attention, but her perfectly placid composure held it. An oasis of serenity in a sea of human chaos.

Only when she finally moved did he remember to breathe. She slid her arms down to her sides, the silk of her gown rippling gently with her movements. When he craned his neck, he could see slim objects slip from her voluminous sleeves down into her hands.

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