Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Guest Post at novelist Barbara Rogan's "In Cold Ink" Blog!

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of attending an online writing course taught by novelist (and former literary agent) Barbara Rogan. I'd already "known" Barbara through the Compuserve Books and Writers Forum and regularly drooled over the Next Level writing workshops that she occasionally taught (and still offers periodically), but I wasn't quite in a position to take those intensive workshops at the time. So, when she taught an online fiction writing course through Writer's Digest, I jumped at the chance to work with her. And it was every bit as wonderful as I'd hoped it would be. 

Barbara is not only an excellent author (her newest book A DANGEROUS FICTION is available now!) but also a tireless supporter of new and budding writers. 

Hence, I have a guest post up at her blog, In Cold Ink, in which I discuss my writer's journey to publication! Come visit! 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

ALWAYS A STRANGER has a cover!

I'm pleased to announce that my second book, ALWAYS A STRANGER (release: May 2014), now has a lovely cover and cover copy!

I had a few "wish list" ideas about the cover, and I'm thrilled that the cover artist agreed!

1) In my mind, the heart of this story is really the heroine, Hanako Sumaki, and her experiences. So I wanted the cover to focus on her instead of on her and the hero. Don't get me wrong--the hero is significant! But focusing on the heroine also emphasizes how the title of the book relates to her, not to the couple.

2) I appreciated the three-section cover of NEVER TOO LATE and wanted ALWAYS A STRANGER to echo that cover. After all, while it's not technically a closely linked series, ALWAYS A STRANGER is set in the same time and place, and NEVER TOO LATE's couple, Honoria and Alex, are important secondary characters in this second book.

So...without further ado...

Cover copy:

When two worlds collide, anything is possible...

An international affair, London's Great Exhibition has taken the city by storm. As its newest Royal Commissioner, Lord Skyler Ridgemont must ensure the performers are properly contracted. Among them is the delicate and graceful Hanako Sumaki. Draped in vivid silk robes, Hanako's exotic Japanese fan dance captivates Skyler-and he longs to learn more about her...

But Hanako's enigmatic employer keeps his exquisite charge very close. The consummate artist, she shows the handsome nobleman many faces, but never her true heart, which holds a desperate secret. When Skyler learns the real reason Hanako has been brought to London, he will risk his entire world to win her trust-and save her from losing both body and soul. It's a feat that will require the type of courage only love can give...

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