Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Where in the (virtual) world is Amara? Wednesday edition

It's almost been a week since the release of NEVER TOO LATE, and, yes, my head is still spinning!

Today, you can find me at Romancing Rakes For the Love of Romance, where I do an interview that includes a fleeting glimpse of Book 2!  Also--a giveaway of NEVER TOO LATE!

And I didn't get to post yesterday because my alternate universe was insanely busy, but here's where I was yesterday:
  • Nancy Goodman's Rakes Rogues and Romance - an interview including some of my writing influences and a bit more detail about my PhD, among other things.
  • Book Lovers Inc - guest post about NEVER TOO LATE's heroine Honoria Duchamp and the Victorian notion of "redundant women."
And don't forget--my NEVER TOO LATE prize pack giveaway ends in less than 24 hours! (See previous posts for more details!)

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