Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Snippets - a cliffhanger

First, my sympathies go out to everyone affected by the tragedies in Boston and Texas, as well as victims of the earthquake in China.  It's been a rough week for many people, and the heroic efforts we've witnessed help reinforce my faith in humanity. I'm hoping beyond hope that the coming weeks are brighter and calmer and happier for us all.

Now...onward to today's Saturday Snippet.

There is less than a fortnight until Never Too Late enters the world. Twelve days, to be exact. 

This week's snippet highlights Honoria's tendency to poke her nose into suspicious situations, heedless of her own personal safety. That's all I say at the moment...

She made her way toward the back of the house, checking every window for a possible weak point of entry. To no avail. She slipped into the shadows and paused to reassess her plans. Finally, she accepted that she hadn’t been thinking clearly. Surely no one so despicable would make it easy for someone to slip into their lair. They would be stealthy and protective; she needed to think more like them. After some quick thought, she decided to pass herself off as a poor, desperate widow willing to do anything for quick funds. She would simply go up to the front door and beg for employment. She rearranged her clothing to look a bit more disheveled and took a deep steadying breath.

Just as she was about to emerge from the shadows, however, a large hand covered her mouth from behind and she was pulled back into a hedge behind the house.
Next week, I'll provide more detailed information about my upcoming online appearances in celebration of Never Too Late's release, including some of the topics I'll be talking about and giveaways I'll be doing.

Here's hoping the coming week is good to you all!


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