Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Snippets - betrayal

And so we have come to the last Saturday Snippet before the grand release of NEVER TOO LATE! Time certainly does fly!

Honoria and Alex are both remarkably self-contained individuals, who've established clear and comfortable boundaries for their lives. So when they allow others to breach those boundaries...well, a violation of trust is that much more devastating:

She backed away from him yet again, looking like a frightened doe. When she looked toward the large windows, he suspected she was trying to gauge whether she could safely drop to the ground if she went through one of them. When he reached his hand out to touch her face, he caught the faintest twitch of a grimace and stopped. She looked sad and worn. And he had done this to her.

“Every word, every touch, every—” Her voice broke. “It's all corrupted. Every memory is tainted with betrayal—mine as much as yours. It's all ruined, and I can't bear it. I believe it would be best for me to leave now,” she said quietly, barely above a whisper.

“But, Nora—”

“I'm afraid I must insist, Lord Devin.” Then he heard it. The barely controlled quavering in her voice. She was broken, and she didn't want him to see how severely.

“Listen to me—” he tried again.

She brought her eyes to meet his.

“Please,” she said. “I beg of you. Just leave me be.” He couldn't ignore how much it cost her. The Nora he had come to know never begged, not even in jest. And he had done this to her.

Celebrating the release of NEVER TOO LATE

To celebrate the May 2 release of the Never Too Late e-book, I'll be giving away a prize pack that includes a free copy of the e-book, a $25 Amazon gift card, a cameo necklace, and some Never Too Late swag.

Details will be announced on May 2, and the giveaway will run May 2 - May 9.  I'll be using Rafflecopter, and everyone will have the opportunity to submit multiple entries through Facebook, Twitter, and questions to answer.  Come visit and spread the word!


  1. That was a great "snippet". I am looking forward to reading the whole thing very soon. Are you going to the RT convention by any chance? This is my first year going and I am so excited.

  2. Sarah--Thanks!! Nope, can't make it to RT13. From the sound of it, I doubt I'll be able to go to RT anytime soon--it's usually in late April/early May, which is the worst time in the academic year for me to be away. I hope you have a great time! And I hope you give a full report! :)

    Lara--3...2...OMG OMG OMG! :)

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