Monday, March 11, 2013

It's DABWAHA time!

If you're a romance reader, you probably already know it's DABWAHA time, sponsored by Dear Author and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books! This is a romance novel version of college basketball's March Madness, complete with brackets and trash talk!  The tournament structure pits 64 romances in various categories, all published in 2012, against each other and whittles the field down through each round until there's one winner.

DABWAHA stands for Dear Author Bitchery Writing Award for Hella Good Authors.

What's interesting (and different from college basketball's March Madness) is that the authors and their fans can engage in vote-mongering.  Whereas March Madness brackets are ultimately unaffected by fan selection (i.e., if you picked Villanova or Georgetown to win or even to just make it to the Sweet Sixteen, nothing you do as a fan actually affects whether the team gets there), DABWAHA participants do vote in the head-to-head battles.  So they can attempt to garner more votes and, ahem, use different IP addresses (laptop, phone, etc.) to vote multiple times.

Reader participants are eligible for prizes! And it can be fun to see everyone get so excited about their favorite novels!

This week, seven finalists have been announced for each category, and DABWAHA is accepting nominations to fill an eighth slot in each category. The finalists are awesome, but don't miss this opportunity to nominate a favorite you think was overlooked!  Go now! Submit your nominations!


  1. I love DABWAHA, even though I lose. Every year.

  2. I've never actually entered before! I've only observed. I'm thinking of submitting a bracket this year just because I've read so many of the finalists. :)


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