Saturday, March 2, 2013

Introducing...Saturday Snippets of NEVER TOO LATE

In anticipation of the release date for my debut historical romance, Never Too Late (*cough* May 2, 2013 *cough* from eKensington *cough*), I'm excited to start sharing little glimpses of Honoria and Alex's story!

Hence...Saturday Snippets.  {cue the trumpets and confetti} I'll post a little bit of Never Too Late each week between now and its Release Day Extravaganza.  More on the extravaganza part in the near future.

To inaugurate the Saturday Snippets, I'll start at the very beginning: Page One.  It is my great pleasure to introduce you to the industrious heroine of Never Too Late, Mrs. Honoria Duchamp:

If she hadn’t been dusting the reading nook so beloved by customers, young and old, Mrs. Honoria Duchamp, owner and proprietress of Evans Books, would not have heard the cruel comments about her from some society mum shepherding her daughter to matrimonial slaughter. Now it echoed in her mind: “Did you see that woman, Margaret? Did you? Take a close look at her and at this cramped, suffocating little shop. This is the best you can hope for if you don't marry well. Do you think that shriveled-up mouse of a woman wanted this menial life?” The mother’s sharp voice had grown shrill toward the end of this little speech. It just goes to show, she thought, nothing good can come of dusting.

If she hadn’t been feeling particularly content right then, the comments likely would have wafted through her mind with no more impact than a falling nettle in a forest, just one more lifeless wisp. This time, though, the cruel depiction of her as a cautionary tale sliced through her equilibrium. What she’d seen as enough was seen by others as cramped and suffocating. She felt small, her ambitions lacking. It felt almost true.

“You see, Margaret”— the mother’s voice cut through the bookshelf between them, interrupting her self-reflection—“do you see why I harp on you about finding a good match?”

“Yes, Mother.” Resigned flat tone. Honoria quirked her brow. Ah, yes, all too common a conversation in the advice section. She could almost picture the young lady; they always wore pale clothes, always wore their bonnets primly, always sported pristine white gloves that meant they couldn’t actually handle any of the books themselves, for fear of muss.

An older couple approached the register to purchase a stack of periodicals so she went to take care of them. The husband, all business, made pleasantries about the weather, but the wife, her plump figure swathed in gray worsted, looked with kind eyes at Honoria and reached out to pat her left hand while she wrote out the bill of sale with her right.

“Don't you take those careless words to heart, dearie.” The wife's touch was gentle, warm. “My niece lost her man in a railway accident two years ago, and with two little mouths to feed yet. She's remarried now to a kind older gentleman who wanted companionship. ’Course she's only one-and-twenty yet.”

Next week, you'll get to meet the story's hero, Lord Alexander Devin, a viscount on a mission.

Never Too Late is available for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. (Note: it's also available for pre-order in the UK!)


  1. Oh, I really like that beginning. I´m looking forward to reading more next Saturday.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Sarah--Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!

  2. Lovely start! Thanks for posting it!


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