Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ending 2012 on a positive note

A lifetime ago, I was a blog junkie.  I was particularly addicted to publishing industry blogs (some of which you can see on my blog lists and some of which have sadly discontinued).  But...I'd broken the habit. I'd gotten the monkey off my back. My Google Reader crept into the 1000+ unread posts, and I laughed and ignored it. 

I blame historical romance novelist Cecilia Grant for sucking me back in with her "Ten Blog Posts I Loved in 2012."

I've added a separate blog list here to share the goodness, and, heaven help me, my Google Reader is alive and kicking again.  Really, though, Grant's top ten list provides much food for thought and a great deal of laughter.  And, as way goes on to way, reading her list led me to two blog posts in particular that are exactly what I needed as I look ahead to 2013. I've ruminated a great deal on what romance means to me, why I write it, why it's valuable as a genre, and why it seems to get such short shrift in the literary world, and these two separate blog posts reach me on different levels:

Intellectual: "Courting Responsibility" at Dear Author
  • This "letter of opinion" touches on many of the frustrations I feel as a romance author. Romance so frequently gets denigrated as inferior formulaic writing..."It's not real writing." Grrrrrr. While the post addresses recent changes in the RWA's contest requirements, the bigger picture deals with issues of literary excellence and romance's marginalization.
Visceral: "And still we will fall in love" by Cecilia Grant in a guest post at Anna Cowan's Diary of a(n Accidental) Housewife blog
  • I declare this post a must-read. It is passionate and direct and touches on exactly why, after resisting for so long, I became a romance novelist myself.  And, after reading it, I immediately purchased Grant's A Gentleman Undone. I look forward to seeing that articulate emotion translated into her fiction.
With my own first novel coming out from eKensington this spring, I am all aflutter about the approach of 2013. And these posts affirm what I value and appreciate; they bolster my commitment to writing what I love, regardless of genre, and to growing as a writer and as a reader. I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, mainly because I've failed disastrously whenever I've articulated them.  But I plan to this year...because 2013 will be grand and wonderful. I can feel it. And I wish you the best year yet.

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