Sunday, December 9, 2012

Come join the BookEnds Babes Holiday Write-In!

Two of my BookEnds agency siblings, Melissa Cutler and Sharla Lovelace, are hosting what promises to be a fabulous Facebook event for readers and writers on December 16:

BookEnds Babes Holiday Write-In!

Yes, I'm participating, and, yes, I think you should too! 

Confession: I'm working on Book 2 but am mired in student papers and portfolios. Add in the chaos of the holidays, and I become a swirling, twirling, unfocused, incoherent...oh, look, a chicken!

So I desperately need this Write-In day to make some significant progress.

If you're a writer, join us as we commit to doing three two-hour writing sprints. Increase your word count with a built-in cheering section (or discipline committee, if that's what you're into)!

If you're a reader, come see what we're up to, ask those burning questions you've always wanted to ask writers, and just plain have fun. 

At the writing breaks, the BookEnds Babes will be giving away stocking stuffers! So, if for no other reason, join us for the chance to win free stuff.

So go to the FB page for the BookEnds Babes Holiday Write-In today and click on the Join button to, you know, join the fun!

And please do spread the word! The more, the merrier!

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