Friday, November 30, 2012

An update and a reflection on NaNoWriMo

So...I've been kind of quiet this month. Yes. It's been a crazy month.

Publishing Update

Part 1 - So I received my copy edits...and turned them around in a week.  During that week, I did the copy edits four separate times.  Yes, four times.  Actually, I completed the copy edits four times in four days.  *bangs head on desk repeatedly*  I'm really more competent than this.

The first time, I didn't save the file properly and couldn't find it again.  (D'oh! I KNOW better than that! But I'm a starstruck newbie in awe that I'm doing copy edits!) 

The second time, I did the copy edits but screwed up something with Track Changes.  (Oops.)

The third time, I did the copy edits and screwed up a DIFFERENT Track Changes thing (Note: when responding to copy edits using Word, you probably DON'T want to use the Accept Changes or the Reject Changes buttons. Once a change has been accepted or rejected, the suggested change is deleted.  Those notations are needed later in the production process so you don't want them deleted!)

The fourth time, I finally got everything squared away.  All the changes the copyeditor and I both made were saved in the document.  All the copyeditors questions and suggestions--and my responses or adjustments, respectively--were saved in the document.  

And my agent was an absolute angel during this process. When I screwed up with the Accept/Reject Changes stuff, she was very patient AND even reassured me that another client had done something similar.

Part 2 - I got the actual publishing contract!!!!!  Every stage of this process makes it feel "real" in a way that I can't fully articulate.  Getting THE CALL from the publisher, getting THE CALL from the agent, getting the agency contract, getting the author questionnaire to complete...and now, even though we've already been moving forward as if the contract was already signed (as per the industry), getting the publisher's contract...IS...SURREAL.

Part 3 - Speaking of surreal, seeing the announcement of my deal on Publisher's Marketplace ranks pretty high on my surreality chart.  I'm fairly sure that, when my agent informed me the announcement was up and I got to see it, my reaction was an oh-so-articulate OMG OMG OMG OMG!

Stay tuned for more surreal and bumbling episodes as they unfold.

November Writing - I've never actually done NaNoWriMo. And I didn't do it this year either.  But, bolstered by other members at the Compuserve Books & Writers Forum, I made a valiant effort to complete a mini-NaNo.  I STILL didn't complete that...but I set a nano-NaNo goal for myself, which was 5,000 words.  And I reached that goal yesterday.  Look, from September to December, I generally have a constant stream of papers and portfolios to grade. And I tend to be rather intensive in my reading/responding.  So I really don't have the mental energy or the time to NaNo.  Honest.  I know other instructors, including English instructors, who can...I just can't.  But I wanted to make at least some progress on Book 2.  And now I have...5k worth.  Yay, me.

Congratulations to anyone and everyone who did some version of NaNoWriMo, big or small, whether you finished or not.  Good for you for trying.


  1. 5K is 5K more than you had when the month started!

    Congrats on getting your copy edits turned in, and hang in there--the semester is almost over!

  2. Lara:

    Exactly! 5k is progress.

    And thanks!! I hope all is well in your corner of the world!

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