Monday, October 8, 2012

A quick update...

I am still alive, even though my blog has been silent for a bit.

In my other life, I'm an assistant professor of English at a community college. On average, I teach five courses per semester. It's both exhilarating and exhausting. I just finished grading paper portfolios for two sections and am in the midst of grading two more sections, and one of my classes is being observed by my dean today for my annual teaching evaluation. And I'm the lead on a major faculty/pedagogy project.

So things are hectic.

Meanwhile, in my author life, I'm finishing up the synopsis for Book 2 (tentatively entitled ALWAYS A STRANGER). It will go first to my agent and then to my editor. After they've given me feedback and the synopsis has been approved, then I get to write the actual book. (I have a little of it already drafted but put it on hold until after the synopsis gets the okay.) I have to admit that it's exceedingly strange for me to write a synopsis before writing the actual book. On one hand, it's wonderful to work through potential plot stumbles before drafting. On the other hand, it felt easier to write a synopsis of NEVER TOO LATE, since I just followed what was already written.  Plus, the NTL synopsis was much shorter, ranging from two double-spaced pages to four, depending on what was requested. The AAS one is at eight pages and counting; the difference makes sense at this can my agent and editor give substantive feedback without getting a comprehensive sense of the plot and major characters?  But it's definitely a new experience for me.

Oh, and I've completed my publisher's author questionnaire, submitted an author bio for the end of NTL, and submitted an author photo.  I know I keep using this word, but surreal is really the best word I can use to describe all of this.

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