Friday, September 7, 2012

Why I feel like bursting into song today: I have an agent!

I am tremendously, outrageously, sublimely happy to announce that I am now represented by Jessica Alvarez of BookEnds, LLC.

The past ten days have been an unbelievable whirlwind, and I'm still reeling!

As you can probably already tell from my previous posts, I'm not very into self-disclosure (no, really, I'm not) so I won't go into all the details of my query process and such.

But one thing I would like to share is that I ended up with three offers of representation from agents. I got THE CALL from all three of them on the same day, and, yes, that was a surreal day. 

Here's the reason I'm sharing this--It can seem strange and perhaps disheartening when you're sending out queries and partials/fulls and keep hearing that "this is a very subjective industry" (or some permutation of that statement).  Yet when I ultimately decided to go with Jessica, it really was a subjective decision.  All three of the agents were wonderful, reputable agents from highly respected literary agencies!  I would have been lucky to work with any of them.  And so my decision came down to the agent I felt was the best fit for me, the most suited to the way I work, the most in tune with my vision and goals, etc.

So now I can see from a new perspective what that "subjective industry" means.  An agent really has to feel "it" to offer representation. And a writer really has to feel "it" to know that's the right agent for him/her. 

I can also say that, in the short time I've been Jessica's client, I am already amazed by her drive, her enthusiasm, and her supportiveness.  She is everything I would wish for in an agent and more.

Members of the Compuserve Books & Writers forum and the Absolute Write forums, both of which I mentioned in my last post, have already helped me celebrate this writer milestone. And I appreciate each and every one of them for their support.

If you're reading this, I also appreciate your visit here and wish you every success!

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