Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Free! For a limited time, NEVER TOO LATE is FREE!

Yes, it's true! Never Too Late is currently FREE for Barnes and Noble's Nook and Amazon's Kindle! Yes, free! I think it's also free on iBooks but can't link to it.

Oh, you don't have a Kindle or Nook? Don't fret! There are apps for those!

  • Nook for smartphone or tablet
  • Kindle for smartphone, tablet, or web browser
I know the Nook freebie deal is running until April 29, but I don't know when the Kindle deal ends. Oh, and *cough* watch for Barnes and Noble's Free Fridays feature on April 25! 

psst--Right now, right this minute, Never Too Late is #1 on Amazon's list of Best Sellers for Historical Romance (in the Top 100 free category for Kindle historical romances) and #38 on Amazon's list of Best Sellers in the Kindle Store (in the Top 100 free category). Squeeeeeee! Fleeting, I'm sure, and in rather specific subcategories, but it's pretty darn cool to see it listed as #1 somewhere! Squeeeeeeee again!  THANK YOU to everyone purchasing it! 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

A word or two on book reviews

Given recent online controversies about "anonymous" reviews...and given the fact that reviews have begun showing up for ALWAYS A STRANGER, I just want to make clear my perspective on reviews: 

I appreciate each and every review, whether it's positive or negative or anywhere in between. 

I appreciate everyone who takes the time to try my books. No matter what your response to my books ends up being, I appreciate that you gave them a chance. I don't expect everyone will love my work; fiction is far too subjective for that. Do I want people to be enthralled by my books? Well, of course. Do I want people to say to others, "You've GOT to read this!" Absolutely.

But I fully understand that this is a dream scenario, and I know that you, dear readers and reviewers, don't owe me anything. So thank you in advance if you read ALWAYS A STRANGER. With all the millions of books out there you could choose, thanks for giving your time and attention to mine. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

News briefs

It's been a rough winter. So much snow and ice. For a while there, every day I could hear the Dar Williams song "February" in my head. We've had so many snow days, in fact, that my college canceled Spring Break.

But the past few days have been sunny and warmer, and the snow is finally melting.

And I have some tidbits of good news:

  • I was informed at the beginning of the week that I am being promoted to Associate Professor, effective July 1st! I can't even begin to tell you how happy and relieved I am!
  • ALWAYS A STRANGER is now available for reviewers on Netgalley! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

One step closer...ALWAYS A STRANGER

Well, it's been quite a while. I see I need to do a little dusting around this place, brush the cobwebs out of the corners and maybe polish the silver. I've never been much of a housekeeper, but I haven't abandoned this site, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

So...things have been busy. Holidays, a new semester, a series of disruptive snow storms. Oh, and page proofs! I just finished proofreading page proofs of ALWAYS A STRANGER! The ebook from eKensington will be released on May 15th! That's right--May 15th! Paradoxically, that seems sooooooo soon and yet so far away.

To celebrate getting the page proofs done, here's a glimpse of ALWAYS A STRANGER. Enjoy!

A chime sounded, soft but distinct, cutting through the incessant murmur of visitors in the Chinese alcove. When he followed everyone else's gaze toward the sound, all the air seemed to be sucked out of the room. In the expanse between two display platforms, vacant only moments before, stood an exotic creature of stunning beauty. Wrapped in a flowing crimson robe embroidered with lotus flowers and cinched at the waist with a wide belt, the lady stood motionless with her palms flat together over her heart. The dramatic color of her clothing echoed on her lips. Even from a distance, those ruby lips appeared full and soft. Her dark hair, twisted into smooth rolls and held in place with two sticks, contrasted sharply with her powdered skin. The brightness drew attention, but her perfectly placid composure held it. An oasis of serenity in a sea of human chaos.

Only when she finally moved did he remember to breathe. She slid her arms down to her sides, the silk of her gown rippling gently with her movements. When he craned his neck, he could see slim objects slip from her voluminous sleeves down into her hands.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

ALWAYS A STRANGER is available for pre-order!

As I finish up copy edits, I'm very pleased to announce that you can now pre-order ALWAYS A STRANGER from Amazon and Barnes and Noble! It's also available for pre-order on iBooks!

Happy sigh! I look forward to sharing Hanako and Skyler with you all!

With so much to look forward to and with the holiday season upon us, I'm giving away an autographed copy of NEVER TOO LATE on GoodReads to celebrate! Happy holidays!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Never Too Late by Amara Royce

Never Too Late

by Amara Royce

Giveaway ends December 30, 2013.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Guest Post at novelist Barbara Rogan's "In Cold Ink" Blog!

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of attending an online writing course taught by novelist (and former literary agent) Barbara Rogan. I'd already "known" Barbara through the Compuserve Books and Writers Forum and regularly drooled over the Next Level writing workshops that she occasionally taught (and still offers periodically), but I wasn't quite in a position to take those intensive workshops at the time. So, when she taught an online fiction writing course through Writer's Digest, I jumped at the chance to work with her. And it was every bit as wonderful as I'd hoped it would be. 

Barbara is not only an excellent author (her newest book A DANGEROUS FICTION is available now!) but also a tireless supporter of new and budding writers. 

Hence, I have a guest post up at her blog, In Cold Ink, in which I discuss my writer's journey to publication! Come visit! 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

ALWAYS A STRANGER has a cover!

I'm pleased to announce that my second book, ALWAYS A STRANGER (release: May 2014), now has a lovely cover and cover copy!

I had a few "wish list" ideas about the cover, and I'm thrilled that the cover artist agreed!

1) In my mind, the heart of this story is really the heroine, Hanako Sumaki, and her experiences. So I wanted the cover to focus on her instead of on her and the hero. Don't get me wrong--the hero is significant! But focusing on the heroine also emphasizes how the title of the book relates to her, not to the couple.

2) I appreciated the three-section cover of NEVER TOO LATE and wanted ALWAYS A STRANGER to echo that cover. After all, while it's not technically a closely linked series, ALWAYS A STRANGER is set in the same time and place, and NEVER TOO LATE's couple, Honoria and Alex, are important secondary characters in this second book.

So...without further ado...

Cover copy:

When two worlds collide, anything is possible...

An international affair, London's Great Exhibition has taken the city by storm. As its newest Royal Commissioner, Lord Skyler Ridgemont must ensure the performers are properly contracted. Among them is the delicate and graceful Hanako Sumaki. Draped in vivid silk robes, Hanako's exotic Japanese fan dance captivates Skyler-and he longs to learn more about her...

But Hanako's enigmatic employer keeps his exquisite charge very close. The consummate artist, she shows the handsome nobleman many faces, but never her true heart, which holds a desperate secret. When Skyler learns the real reason Hanako has been brought to London, he will risk his entire world to win her trust-and save her from losing both body and soul. It's a feat that will require the type of courage only love can give...